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It's Bigger on the Inside

A visitor this summer put into words what so many people have discovered, Orkney is the little green Tardis of the north.

There is far more to Orkney than you would guess from the outside - five thousand years of history, beautiful scenery, skilful craftworkers, award-winning food and drink and something harder to define.

"There is, indeed, a power in the land, or in the broad sky enclosing it that may take perpetual captive those who are rash enough to open their eyes to the endless flowing lines of its hills."
Eric Linklater

Find out more here or, better still, come and see for yourself. Let me show you the best of what these beautiful and surprising islands have to offer.

Pat Long at Scara Brae You can arrive knowing that you want to visit Skara Brae, Maeshowe, St Magnus Cathedral and the Italian Chapel but Orkney can still take you unawares. A local guide can turn a great holiday into something truly memorable.

A guided tour of Orkney can be designed around whatever you are interested in: archaeology, war-time Orkney, crafts, food and drink or scenery and wildlife, or you can just say you want to have an Orkney tour.

If you have family connections to the area or a relative served here during the war, we can visit places that would have been special to them.